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Facts about blood needs

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  • More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day.
  • Every year our nation requires about 5 Crore units of blood, out of which only a meager 2.5 Crore units of blood are available.
  • Every two seconds someone needs blood.
  • A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood.
  • The average red blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 pints.
  • The gift of blood is the gift of life. There is no substitute for human blood.
  • The blood type most often requested by hospitals is Type O.
  • More than 1 million new people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Many of them will need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy treatment.
  • A total of 30 million blood components are transfused each year.
  • Sickle cell patients can require frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives.