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Blood Donation is the real act of Humanity

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Lokhitam Blood Bank saves innumerable lives across the world in a variety of conditions. We encourage visitors to donate blood and remind them that they can also be a superhero of someone’s life by donating blood voluntarily. Blood donation is truly ‘a gift of life’ that a healthy individual can give to many because ‘Blood is recognized as the most precious element that sustains life. Once in every 2 seconds, someone somewhere is desperately needed of blood. In the past few years, India has seen an improvement in the blood collection (from 9.8 million units in 2012-13 to 11.45 million units in 2017-2018). Despite this stares at blood shortage of a whopping 1.95 million units. So let’s do that – right now, right here. If you are eligible for blood donation, please register yourself as a Volunteer Blood Donor with us by visiting us at Lokhitam Blood Bank, Kamla Nagar, Agra.