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Buying Blood Is Like Inviting Death

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People who give blood with money are called professional blood donors. If considering, why these people sell blood? The real situation will be known that these people do not sell blood to run their household, but to buy drugs, to go to prostitutes, to drink alcohol, to gamble, etc., they sell their blood only for bad addictions.
Think about it! How useful can the blood purchased from the above persons be for your patient? They have toxic germs and AIDS germs in their blood, which will prove fatal not only for your patient but for his entire family. Therefore, only the voluntarily tested blood of a healthy person can be used so that the patient can be healthy as soon as possible.
The bacteria of some deadly diseases infect human blood. In the initial stage, the patient does not have outer symptoms of these diseases, it is revealed only by blood test. Even a doctor cannot diagnose these diseases at an early stage without examination. The main among these diseases are:
• Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
• Jaundice (Hepatitis B & C)
• Malaria
• Syphilis and other latent diseases