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Importance of Blood

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Don’t know, how many deaths occur due to not getting enough blood on time. Accident patients often require blood. Similarly, people with thalassemia, haemophilia, anaemia and blood cancer are in constant need of blood.
Thousands of people lost their lives due to not getting required blood group on time. Due to widespread ignorance and misconceptions about blood in our society, people are afraid to donate blood. Any healthy person can give one unit of blood (350 ml) once in every three month without any harm. Women can also contribute in this great deed. Person having enough haemoglobin can donate voluntarily.
In healthy people, this blood reduction can get back in 24 hours to 72 hours new blood is prepared. By the way, in every person’s body, more blood is always in the reserve than donated blood. The process of donating blood takes a total of 30 minutes. You can do normal work even after giving blood. No rest is needed.
Before donating blood, the blood donor also has the following tests – a) Blood Group, b) Haemoglobin, c) Malaria Parasite, d) B.D.R.L. (Syphilis), e) Australia Antigen (HBSAG) Jaundice, f) H.C.B., g) H.I.V. (Aids). These tests are not charged to the blood donor.