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Blood Donation Is Never Harmful

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It is a scientific fact that every human body has blood according to its weight. Normally, 75 ml/kg of body weight contains blood in a male and 66 ml/kg in the body of female. The amount of blood in the body is required according to the weight of 50 ml/kg. In this way, there is more blood equal to 26 ml/kg in the body of male and 16 ml/kg in female body. On testing, this blood is considered extra blood at the rate of 8 ml/kg. There is no harm by giving 350 ml of blood at one time.
If blood donation is not done, then there is no benefit to the body. Blood cells have a fixed life. The life of Red Blood Cells is 120 days. The remaining cells survive for a few hours. In this way, the 120th part of the total blood is automatically destroyed every day and generates new. This is a natural process. Blood contains 45% red blood cells and 55% plasma which contain 92% water. The aqueous part of the blood regenerated in 2 days and the blood cells get ready in 21 days. In this way, the lack of blood is filled naturally by itself, no special diet and medicines are required. This is a natural biological process.